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Mini and Junior Section

At Redditch RFC we have a thriving Junior and Minis section with around 100 kids playing and training on a weekly basis.

We have teams from U7/8s who are just starting out playing tag rugby where no scores are kept and it's all about having fun and learning key skills.

Contact begins at U9s with tackling only and no rucks or mauls, these start at U10s. Once we get to U11s we start having scrums and developing more key skills essential to a child's development. At U12s the game starts becoming more like the full game with unlimited rucks and mauls plus 5 man scrums. From here the game progresses to U13s with unlimited kicking and 6 man scrums. Once the kids hit U14s we start with uncontested line outs and start playing in a knock out cup competition! U15s brings lifting in the line outs and a league structure to add a more competitive element to the game. Finally, U16s brings it all together with contested line outs the last step in the development.

This gradually increases is all part of the RFUs new approach to age-grade rugby and is fully in line with the principles of the game.

Teamwork  Respect  Enjoyment  Discipline  Sportsmanship.

All our coaches are fully DBS checked and RFU trained.

If you're interested in joining please contact one of the Junior Coaches, Committer member or Team Managers in the Junior Section.

If you have any questions, please email us: 

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Age Grade Player Registration is a fully online annual process for club players between U6 to U18.  RFU Regulation requires players to be registered online each season

There are 2 links for registration, one for new players joining the club and one for existing players to re-confirm their details.  Please make sure you chose the correct link when registering your child.

Create an account: https://gms.rfu.com/GMS/CreateAccount/?qs=MtsU15xYpdQ51rUIk28%2bzfd5BAsj4G4iGozIIBwbR4Q%3d 

Update family registration if you have an account already: https://gms.rfu.com/GMS/Account/Login/?qs=MtsU15xYpdQ51rUIk28%2bzS%2b0m6Wv4sdq9Q6TpcUoWblgsqJCQk3oe%2fJ5bWNlbU9RpQt2WqcnukBLSN77r6uCx9QweOehU1SnWDz4e%2fxIrZRyciaDIhV7%2bmKJuzJV8SKYEPrsg7wtMZ4EjESrJfVDXA%3d%3d  

Lisa Brooks will be able to provide you with your child’s RFU registration number if they are an existing player.  If you have any problems in registering your child, we will do our best to help you as best we can (this process is also new to us)!

The updated process ensures that parents and players are in control of their own data and unique individual record through their lifetime in rugby. It provides more consistent, accurate and up-to-date information for clubs and the RFU to help players and parents enjoy their Age Grade Rugby and transition into the adult game. Form completion and storage reduces the burden on everyone, streamlines the process significantly and ensures GDPR compliance from a data security and retention perspective. This also brings the process more in line with adult player registration helping the players, parents and volunteers in the Age Grade and senior sections of our rugby clubs and in particular, streamlining the workload of our Club Registrars (Lisa Brookes)

Parents – How to guides:

For Further information:

For Further information please read the RFU guidelines