Tue 05 Nov 2019 13:00


Redditch RFC is given an allocation of tickets for each match for the Autumn Internationals and the Six Nations. It is expected that this allocation will reduce over the coming seasons. So, tickets will become increasingly in demand.

Going to a match at Twickenham is something that must be planned well in advance, so members should not expect to receive a ticket via a last-minute application.

The prices of tickets for all games fall into a variety of categories and these can vary from as little as £45 all the way up to £150.

The RFU declares the price of tickets well before tickets become available and posts this on the RFU Website. Members wishing to get tickets should register their interest to  Dai Davies (07801 035871) as soon as prices become available.

Dai will record their interest for later use.

For popular major internationals we will secure tickets to our maximum allocation. Dave Smith, our international ticket secretary, has to go onto an online system and secure a range of tickets up to our allocation, looking at pairs of tickets, pricing, groups together etc. This is a laborious process and Dave will use his experience, and any requests for tickets, to get the best range of tickets. He will do this as soon as tickets become available to ensure we get the best tickets available.

We will only secure tickets for Italy games, played at Twickenham, if Dai has received a firm request and payment will be required in advance of purchase for these tickets. If you have a request for away tickets that should be made to Dai, and, once again, payment will be required in advance for these tickets.

Once we know what tickets we have the latest date for applications and details of the tickets we have will be posted on the website and in the clubhouse. This will normally be at least three months before the date of the match.

The only way to get tickets is to notify Dai Davies (07801 035871) of your requirement before the latest date for applications.

Shortly after the latest date for applications, Dai will allocate tickets to requests received.

If there are more requests than tickets Dai may have to limit the number of tickets available to each member to 2 to ensure fair access to the tickets for all club members. If this does not allow Dai to meet all requests, applicants will be entered into a draw.  Dai’s initial allocation will be against requests received before the latest date for applications.

Once he has allocated tickets to an applicant, he will let them know the prices and payment is required immediately. On receipt of payment the agreed tickets will be permanently allocated.

If payment is not received, by bank transfer within one week of notification, the tickets will have to be released, and made available to other applicants, as these tickets are normally in high demand.

If further requests are received Dai will allocate on a first come first served basis.

If there are still unallocated tickets these will be advertised on this web site and posted in the club house.

By an RFU publicised date, unallocated tickets, will be returned to the RFU.

As a matter of policy, Redditch RFU will not attempt to access late available tickets to international matches.

Ticket applications will only be considered by paid up members of the Senior Section of Redditch RFC, or by parents of paid up Junior Section members, who are also members of Redditch Cricket, Hockey and Rugby Football Club.

Club Sponsors may have access to tickets, applying via either a Junior or Senior Committee Member.

Condition of use of the ticket

  1. International Tickets are sold to you subject to the RFU’s ticket terms and conditions (available at www.englandrugby.com/tickets ). Tickets may not be transferred, and in particular may not be advertised for sale on the black market (including websites such as StubHub, Viagogo or Gumtree).
  2. A ticket may not be resold or transferred by the purchaser; tickets can only be used by the purchaser and a person accompanying the purchaser to the stadium.
  3. A ticket cannot be used as a prize or part of any competition or promotion.
  4. The ticket cannot be re-sold under any condition, even at face value.
  5. The club is entitled to know who accompanies the applicant to the game and to request the tickets back after the match.
  6. 6. The club keeps a record of all tickets and recipients. Details may be requested by the RFU for up to 12 months after a match.
  7. Breach of any of these conditions may result in action against the club by the RFU, and refusal to sell tickets to the offending applicant.